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Top 10 Coffee and Cases Snippets from April 2023

Thanks for a great month of case discussion!The C+C QI project team

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Pearls from the Airway Registry – CGD 29/06/2016

(Thanks again to Dr. Clare Hayes-Bradley for presenting the latest Airway Registry and penning the subsequent discussion points below.) To RSI or not to RSI, that is the question… It’s foul weather, near zero degrees and torrential rain, it’s night, … Continue reading

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Extremity amputation

Extremity amputation technique as taught by Dr Geoff Healy at Sydney HEMS Team Induction training August 2015, using porcine tissue.

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Here is a recommended open ‘finger’ thoracostomy technique for ventilated patients as taught by Dr Geoff Healy at Sydney HEMS Team Induction training August 2015, using porcine tissue.

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Why would you clamp a tracheal tube?

This video explains the rationale for clamping the tracheal tube in PEEP-dependent patients prior to switching ventilator circuits, a manoeuvre that is included in our Difficult Oxygenation Operating Procedure  

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Haney’s 5 Central Line Tips

Dr Haney Mallemat – an amazing critical care educator and the cuddliest RAGE podcaster – offers some tips here for beginners, but we think even seasoned retrievalists might pick up a tip or two they hadn’t thought of:   The … Continue reading

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Resuscitative hysterotomy

This practical workshop is part of the Sydney HEMS Team Induction Training, and is one component of a learning program that also includes online preparatory material, simulation, a multi-station formal team objective structured practical assessment (also called ‘the exam’), and … Continue reading

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Clamshell Thoracotomy Training

Induction Training for new HEMS Team members includes a procedure lab for life, limb and sight saving procedures. Here’s an excerpt from a session on clamshell thoracotomy by Dr Geoff Healy

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Simple surgical airway technique

Model and pig cricothyroidotomy practice at Sydney HEMS Induction 2015 demonstrating the approach: DECISION, INCISION, FINGER, BOUGIE, TUBE, CUFF, ETCO2 by Cliff Reid and Karel Habig  

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Airway emergencies, when help is not nearby

  This 24 minute airway lecture from a recent conference is delivered by Dr Clare Hayes-Bradley, consultant in prehospital & retrieval medicine with Sydney HEMS. Retrieval & trauma updates for rural providers: Can’t intubate/oxygenate – help is not nearby

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