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Reflecting on two months as a Sydney HEMS registrar

Uniform fitted. Induction complete. 10-mission milestone reached. It has been a learning frenzy. I’m a UK-trained emergency physician, and am two months into my year as a Sydney HEMS registrar. Some of my early reflections on the experience have had … Continue reading

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Clinical Governance Day 21st September 2016

Join us next Wednesday for a human-factors-focused clinical governance day at the Bankstown helicopter base. We are particularly excited to welcome Paul Mayer, a Naval medic who returned from operational duties in Afghanistan earlier this year. He’s going to talk about … Continue reading

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Pearls from the Airway Registry – CGD 29/06/2016

(Thanks again to Dr. Clare Hayes-Bradley for presenting the latest Airway Registry and penning the subsequent discussion points below.) To RSI or not to RSI, that is the question… It’s foul weather, near zero degrees and torrential rain, it’s night, … Continue reading

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Motor Vehicle Crash Considerations in Retrieval Medicine

An hour long exploration of motor crash management principles by Retrieval specialist Dr Geoff Healy  

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The Retrieval Medicine Environment

This 15 minute talk by HEMS Physician Karel Habig provides an introduction to our working environment for newcomers to prehospital & retrieval medicine

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Introduction to Retrieval Medicine

Several of the Sydney HEMS retrieval physicians describe some of the challenges of prehospital & retrieval medicine  

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Extreme Medicine: Everest ER

One of our own Sydney HEMS physicians is an extreme environment and mountain medicine expert – Dr Yashvi Wilamasena. Yash, as he is known to his mates, plans to reach the summit of Everest in the near future. In preparation … Continue reading

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CGD 7th May 2014 – There Will Be Blood!!

Another excellent clinical governance day for the Sydney HEMS team where we got down and dirty with trauma-induced coagulopathy, how to deal with maxillofacial haemorrhage, tools used to plug the gaps, a recollection of epic winching, and a Sim that … Continue reading

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CGD 9th April 2014 – Neurosimulation

Harnessing the experience of colleagues in the morbidity & mortality meeting, the manual dexterity of Karel Habig, the technological spectacularness of Skype to deliver a world expert to our meeting, the enthusiasm of two of our registrars, and the dynamism … Continue reading

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Simulation 31/03/2014 – Heloconstrictors and Helodilators

A high fidelity simulation in the AW 139 aircraft. The lead -in 15-year-old male with a stab wound Scene The initial assessment was performed at a scene outside pub. The patient A – Patent B – RR 32, sats 96% … Continue reading

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