Policies and Procedures

Helicopter Operating Procedures (HOPs) – Clinical

Heli-Cli.22 – Mission Documentation

Heli-Cli.21-Pre Hospital Mission Work Flow

Heli-Cli.20 – Controlled Drugs

Heli-Cli.19 – Traumatic Haemorrhage Control

Heli-Cli.18 – Advanced Airway

Heli-Cli.17 – Major Incident V2

Heli-Cli.16 – Pre-Hospital Scene Safety

Heli-Cli.14 – Neuro Protection

Heli-Cli.13 – Pre-Hospital Traumatic Brain Injury

Heli-Cli.12 – Difficult Oxygenation

Heli-Cli.11 – Blood Management V2

Heli-Cli.10 – Pronouncing Life Extinct

Heli-Cli.08 – Major Burns

Heli-Cli.07 – Pelvic Trauma

Heli-Cli.06 – Traumatic Cardiac Arrest

HELI-CLI.05 ECMO Retrieval V2 – approved 14102014

Heli-Cli.04 – Ultrasound

Heli-Cli.03 – Hypertonic Saline

Heli-Cli.02 – Prehospital Emergency Anaesthesia

Heli-Cli.01 Defibrillation

Heli-Cli .09 – Blunt Thoracic Trauma V2


Supporting Documents

Prehospital Emergency Anaesthesia Manual



Helicopter Operating Procedures (HOPs) – Non-clinical

HELI.TRG.04 Helo Currency Requirements

HELI.OPS.30 Incident Location Identification

HELI.OPS.29 Mission Concern Process

HELI.OPS.28 Priority Responses

HELI.OPS.27 Bariatric Transfers

HELI.OPS.26 IABP Transfers

HELI.OPS.25 ECMO Transfers

HELI.OPS.24 Winch Communications

HELI.OPS.22 Sydney Base Response Procedure

HELI.OPS.21 Bankstown Airport Incidents

HELI.OPS.05 Aeromedical Mission Planning

HELI.OPS.09 Post Mission Documentation

HELI.OPS.12 Mission Review

HELI.OPS.14 Canyon Response

HELI.OPS.15 Hospital Notification

HELI.OPS.16 Crew Availability and Sign On

HELI.OPS.17 Daily Check Shift Briefings

HELI.OPS.18 Helicopter DTW Radio

HELI.OPS.19 In Cabin Personnel Security

HELI.OPS.03 Aeromedical Tasking Process

HELI.OPS.02 Aeromedical Code+1 Exercise Readiness

HELI.OPS.01 Aircraft Radio Comms Principals

HELI.HRS.12 Fatigue Management

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