AiR: CMAC Videos

Since we started using the CMAC videolaryngoscope we have been collecting useful airway videos for education. You can find these videos on this page.

To view these videos, you will need this password: AiRblogVideos

We’ll be adding to this page regularly so check back for new videos.

What the oesophagus looks like

It can be hard to differentiate oesophagus from trachea at laryngoscopy. This short video shows some friable and hard to identify structures. The hole that eventually appears has the typical appearance of the oesophagus – the trachea is not seen until the final seconds.

What an NG tube looks like

This short video shows the appearance of a nasogastric tube at laryngoscopy.

The effect of a dry tongue

This video demonstrates how a dried tongue can hamper laryngoscopy attempts by sticking to the laryngoscope. Gently moving the blade forward should get you the view you are looking for.

Using suction and ELM to improve your view

This video nicely shows how suction and external laryngeal manipulation (ELM) can improve your view to facilitate intubation.

Soiled airway

Severely soiled pharynx and trachea at laryngoscopy. Note soiling distal to the vocal cords and the absence of a gastric tube at this point.