GSA-HEMS research projects must be approved by the research committee, headed by Sandra Ware, Brian Burns and Matt Miller.

Our Research Guideline is available here.

The Pathway is as shown below:

This process will be adapted as we refine it, and the latest version uploaded.

We are in the process of developing research-design specific protocols (observational study, case series) based on the recently changed Australian ethics forms to make our process flow better.

We are doing monthly 20-min talks at Clinical Governance Days on a small but important aspect of study design or interpretation, with examples from retrieval medicine to make it relevant.

We are happy for anyone to use and adapt our process, but please give us feedback on what you found good and bad and what you changed. Also, an acknowledgment in your protocol would be nice : ) .

Some helpful papers can be found here.

Previous Sydney HEMS publications can be found here.