Pre-course Preparation

Training of new retrieval physicians and paramedics is intensive and challenging. Those who have not managed to successfully complete it in the past did not complete the pre-course preparatory work. It is recommended that this is started a month prior to induction, as it takes several hours to complete and should be covered more than once to optimise recall.

The content and philosophy of our training is described here

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
This is accessed at You require a username and password which will be emailed to you.

Once you’ve logged in, access the Catalogue of classes by the top left menu:

Click on a class and then look for the ‘Enrol’ button which you need to click to join the Class. The following classes are available:

01 Introduction to the Virtual Learning Environment
02 Safety, Quality and Human Factors
03 Prehospital Scene Management
04 Prehospital Trauma Care
05 Life, Limb & Sight Saving Procedures
06 Interhospital Retrieval
07 Major Incidents
08 Ultrasound Detection of Pneumothorax
09 STORM Course
10 Advanced Airway Skills
11 Respectful Workplace Training NSW Ambulance (NSW Ambulance paramedics have already done this)
12 Balloon Pump Retrieval

Participants in the HEMS Team Induction course should do classes 01-08 (but are welcome to do the others)

New Sydney HEMS registrars should complete classes 1-11

Critical Care Paramedics are welcome to also access these modules.

Policies & Procedures
The Clinical Practice Standards must be learned, along with the Prehospital Emergency Anaesthesia Manual.

You may also find it helpful to listen to Sydney HEMS podcasts.
If you’re an iTunes user, the link is here

General reading
We recommend:
ABC of Prehospital Emergency Medicine
ABC of Transfer and Retrieval Medicine
Cases in Pre-hospital and Retrieval Medicine