Urban Search & Rescue

GSA-HEMS consultants and paramedics are deployed as part of the New South Wales Urban Search & Rescue Task Force. Although registrars are not deployed as part of this team, working in prehospital care requires preparation for work in disaster zones, and a basic understanding of Urban Search & Rescue (USAR) is helpful.

During a six month post we endeavour to provide USAR training to Category 1 level. This training is provided by the NSW Fire & Rescue Service.

Prior to attendance at the practical training, all delegates must complete the exercises on a training CD obtainable from the GSA-HEMS base secretary.

The next USAR Cat 1 training for GSA-HEMS registrars will be provided on 13 November 2012

The USAR Category 1 certificate is internationally recognised and transferable when working for other services.
Please contact Dr Carissa Oh to register.

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