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Burns Management Pearls from the Experts

At our recent Clinical Governance Day (4/5/16) we were honored to have in attendance three experts who have dedicated their careers to the care of the burned patient. A cornucopia of pearls for prehospital and retrieval management were presented. The … Continue reading

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Drowning Case Review Learning Points (CGD 09/03/16)

Drowning is an all too common cause of morbidity and death, particularly in a region as rich in water activities as New South Wales. Providers of prehospital critical care should seek to master drowning management, as it is one of … Continue reading

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Why would you clamp a tracheal tube?

This video explains the rationale for clamping the tracheal tube in PEEP-dependent patients prior to switching ventilator circuits, a manoeuvre that is included in our Difficult Oxygenation Operating Procedure  

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PEEP For Lung Recruitment

As we continue to increase the number of ways to use our procedure lab day for training, Dr Geoff Healy demonstrates the effect of incremental PEEP on lung recruitment in a pig carcass at Sydney HEMS Induction Training     … Continue reading

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LMA to stoma ventilation

Level 1 evidence is great, but for useful tips that can add options to your resuscitation toolbox there are some great finds in journal letters pages. Try this one: An apneoic patient requires assisted ventilation in your resuscitation room. Bag-mask … Continue reading

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Prehospital Hypocapnia and Poor Outcome After Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Patients admitted to a level 1 trauma centre with traumatic brain injury whose end-tidal CO2 was kept with the Brain Trauma Foundation recommended limits of 30-35 mmHg (3.9-4.6 kPa) had a lower mortality than those whose CO2 was outside this … Continue reading

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