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Getting the hang of the Hamilton Ventilator:

About the Hamilton we use: Most common Vent settings we use and how to set them up: (S)-CMV: Synchronised Continuous Mandatory Ventilation mode- a pressure- regulated volume controlled mode SIMV: Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation- a volume-controlled mode. Power on. Complete … Continue reading

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Comms for Docs: Understanding Communication Interfaces and Options in Our Aviation Setting

Pre-hospital and retrieval medicine, with its high acuity patients, high adrenaline environment, noise levels, geographical challenges, and the unexpected nature of what each individual job can bring, creates an environment in which communication is critical; both in terms of communicating … Continue reading

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How to secure an IVC cannula

In the retrieval setting, IV access is crucial. Oil/blood/dirt all create difficulties for adhesives. This method is an effective way to reduce the chances of cannula displacement. Materials needed: 1 x gauze. Step 1: Secure the cannula with normal adhesive … Continue reading

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Double Pumping Vasoactive Drugs

A significant number of our critical care patients are dependent on vasoactive drugs, so it is worth reviewing the process for managing these infusions during inter-hospital transfers. The priming volume of the distal lumen of a central line is 0.44mls. … Continue reading

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