How to secure an IVC cannula

In the retrieval setting, IV access is crucial. Oil/blood/dirt all create difficulties for adhesives. This method is an effective way to reduce the chances of cannula displacement.

Materials needed: 1 x gauze.

Step 1: Secure the cannula with normal adhesive dressing if possible

Step 2:  Start unrolling the crepe bandage from under the IVC, (1 roll)

Step 3:  Roll again over the IVC , and roll distally over the pump set line (3 rolls)

Step 4: Create a loop with the pump set distally and return the line towards IVC

Step 5: Roll proximally ensuring access port is visible (2 rolls)

Step 6:  Create a further loop proximally and return line distally, roll crepe (2 rolls)… secure end of crepe with tape

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