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Prehospital Regional Anaesthesia

At the HEMS Education Day on 30th May 2018, we had two great presentations on regional anaesthesia from guest speakers Andrew Lansdown and Ananth Kumar. Ex-Sydney HEMS registrar and current consultant anaesthetist Andrew Lansdown gave us an excellent presentation on … Continue reading

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Anaesthesia in the shocked patient

This 31 minute talk by Sydney HEMS consultant Dr Geoff Healy was delivered at a recent rural medicine conference Anaesthesia in the shocked patient

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Airway emergencies, when help is not nearby

  This 24 minute airway lecture from a recent conference is delivered by Dr Clare Hayes-Bradley, consultant in prehospital & retrieval medicine with Sydney HEMS. Retrieval & trauma updates for rural providers: Can’t intubate/oxygenate – help is not nearby

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Apnoeic Oxygenation: Essential in Prehospital RSI

This was a talk from the 2014 London Trauma Conference by Cliff Reid How it works – review by Nicholas Chrimes When it all started in #FOAMed in Dec 2010 – NODESAT article by Rich Levitan We tried it and liked it, so … Continue reading

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Towards A Universal Prehospital RSI SOP?

Mainland European countries have a long history of sending physicians out with emergency medical services to provide prehospital critical care. It is interesting to note an almost universal standard in the conduct of prehospital emergency anaesthesia by prehospital critical care … Continue reading

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Ketamine update

Anaesthetist Dr Jan Persson from Stockholm has published an updated review of recent ketamine literature. The following interesting facts about our favourite drug are extracted from Dr Persson’s paper: Action on multiple receptors earns it the nickname: ‘the nightmare of … Continue reading

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Needle crike: low rate and allow exhalation

Two dedicated devices for transtracheal oxygen delivery through a cricothyroidotomy needle are available, the ENK Oxygen Flow Modulator (ENK) and the Manujet. Both maintain oxygenation, but the ENK is thought to achieve better ventilation (as previously shown in a pig … Continue reading

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Alternative toothless mask position

An alternative position for holding the facemask when bag-mask ventilating edentulous patients is described and evaluated. 49 patients with inadequate seal and air leak during two-hand positive-pressure ventilation had significantly improved ventilation as measured by reduced air leak and increased … Continue reading

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Taming the Ketamine Tiger

A paper of great interest for those of us who spend a lot of time teaching the use of ketamine describes its history from initial synthesis in the early 1960s. Ketamine pioneer Edward F. Domino, M.D describes how it was … Continue reading

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