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Clamshell Thoracotomy Training

Induction Training for new HEMS Team members includes a procedure lab for life, limb and sight saving procedures. Here’s an excerpt from a session on clamshell thoracotomy by Dr Geoff Healy

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Military pre-hospital thoracotomy

Military doctors in Afghanistan reviewed their experience of thoracotomy done within 24 hours of admission to their hospital. The ballistic nature of thoracic penetrating trauma (mainly Afghan civilians without body armour) differs from the typical knife-wound related injury seen in … Continue reading

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Pre-hospital thoracotomy and aortic clamping in blunt trauma

This is one of those ‘wow they really do that!?‘ papers…Patients undergoing thoracotomy and aortic clamping for pre-hospital blunt traumatic arrest either in the field or in the ED were evaluated for the outcome of survival to ICU admission. None … Continue reading

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