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HEMS Debrief #1 – Dr Cliff Reid

In the first in this series, HEMS physician and podcast host Dr Samuel Bulford interviews senior staff specialist Dr Cliff Reid who describes a case that changed his life and set his approach to mission preparation and training on a … Continue reading

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A Simple Framework for Clinical Reflection

CCP Sam Immens presented a great talk outlining a simple but effective method to perform Clinical Reflection. The following blog post explains this method.  What is Reflection and Why Should We Do It? Clinical reflection is a tool that enables … Continue reading

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High Performance – Australian Rugby and Sydney HEMS

Providing exceptional critical care to a severely injured patient and kicking the winning goal in World Cup Rugby to most will seem many worlds apart. Dr Nathan Trist, one of our current senior PHRM registrars, is a former professional rugby … Continue reading

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Mindhacks: Where Mindfulness Meets Medicine

Over recent years self-talk and self-compassion have been increasingly explored; notably they are key components of performance psychology. These two aspects can influence performance not just of elite athletes but also of medical professionals; while under pressure and following high-stress … Continue reading

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Zoll X Series Monitor HR/PR Tone – Deep Dive

‘The patient’s sats were 100% when I pushed the induction drugs. I thought the sats were fine as the pitch of the beeping from the monitor stayed the same, but when I looked back the patient had already started to … Continue reading

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Difficult Missions: The Hospital Primary

Drs Natalie May, Geoff Healy, and Cliff Reid discuss missions in which the prehospital medical team is diverted to a hospital because their patient has been moved from scene to a (non-major) hospital. While one might expect these missions to … Continue reading

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Prehospital Emergency Anaesthesia Checklist

Our RSI checklist is performed in a challenge-response fashion. The clinician who established the equipment set-up reads, while the other clinician checks and responds. Any discussion, such as difficult laryngoscopy plan, briefing the individual who is immobilising the neck, and … Continue reading

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Prehospital Trauma Education

This talk was presented at the London Trauma Conference in December 2014, by Dr Cliff Reid, Director of Training for Greater Sydney Area HEMS. Dr Reid explains how the HEMS induction program is crafted, and how it has evolved to … Continue reading

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Cognition and Decision Making Under Stress

“Don’t train and prepare until you get it right. Train and prepare until you can’t get it wrong.” Sydney HEMS is proud to be given permission to share Michael Lauria‘s talk on Cognition and Decision Making Under Stress. Training in … Continue reading

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To Air is Human

In this 25 minute audio podcast recorded at the SMACC conference in 2013 Sydney HEMS physician Dr Karel Habig talks about reducing (and trapping) error in retrieval medicine, and whether we can really apply lessons from aviation to our complex … Continue reading

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