A Simple Framework for Clinical Reflection

CCP Sam Immens presented a great talk outlining a simple but effective method to perform Clinical Reflection. The following blog post explains this method. 

What is Reflection and Why Should We Do It?

Clinical reflection is a tool that enables the individual to learn from their experiences and actions. This involves building the tools to learn self reflection in order to master the technical and non-technical aspects involved in high performance teamwork. 

Clinical reflection has benefits in helping to improve memory forming and storing as well as building mental resilience. It forms part of a larger guided mentoring program for professional development and deliberate practice.  

Ideally it should be performed more than twenty-four hours after the job to give time for thought processing, however before seven days when memory degradation starts. 

How Should We Do It?

This process takes practice, the first one is always hard but it does get easier.

Sam’s Recorded Talk:

Sam’s talk was recorded on the day and can be viewed below, using the YouTube link.

Want to Find Out More?

There’s more on the benefits and challenges of reflection for healthcare providers here: 


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