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Is lamotrigine ketamine’s black swan?

The black swan theory describes rare events beyond the realm of normal expectation. We use ketamine on a daily basis, but are there any circumstances in which ketamine simply will NOT work? This interesting case report by an Ex-Sydney HEMS physician Daniel … Continue reading

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Extreme Medicine: Everest ER

One of our own Sydney HEMS physicians is an extreme environment and mountain medicine expert – Dr Yashvi Wilamasena. Yash, as he is known to his mates, plans to reach the summit of Everest in the near future. In preparation … Continue reading

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CGD 16th July 2014. Everything Sim.

Written by Phil Webster. Posted by Kariem. A decade ago simulation was a small part of the learning sphere but in the modern day of medical education it is now becoming commonplace and a somewhat essential part of training. With its … Continue reading

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VVS is Dead. Long Live Horizon.

See one, do one, teach one: the traditional medical training paradigm. Although we have now evolved to deliver safer patient care than this, the emphasis on visual-methods for learning has been present from days yonder. SEE one. With the advent … Continue reading

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Ketamine for TBI: Why not?

The 1970s were a dark time for ketamine use in patients with intracranial pathology. In patients with non-traumatic lesions, ketamine was suggested to increase intracranial pressure (ICP) using various markers as end-points to suggest this (see references below). Although this … Continue reading

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CGD 7th May 2014 – There Will Be Blood!!

Another excellent clinical governance day for the Sydney HEMS team where we got down and dirty with trauma-induced coagulopathy, how to deal with maxillofacial haemorrhage, tools used to plug the gaps, a recollection of epic winching, and a Sim that … Continue reading

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CGD 23rd April 2014 – A comes before B comes before C

The latest CGD saw us look at all things airway.  With some scary case-based discussions, excellent debate, a great presentation on the NAP4 findings and a simulation that would make the most senior anaesthetist experience code brown moments, the Sydney … Continue reading

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CGD 9th April 2014 – Neurosimulation

Harnessing the experience of colleagues in the morbidity & mortality meeting, the manual dexterity of Karel Habig, the technological spectacularness of Skype to deliver a world expert to our meeting, the enthusiasm of two of our registrars, and the dynamism … Continue reading

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Simulation 31/03/2014 – Heloconstrictors and Helodilators

A high fidelity simulation in the AW 139 aircraft. The lead -in 15-year-old male with a stab wound Scene The initial assessment was performed at a scene outside pub. The patient A – Patent B – RR 32, sats 96% … Continue reading

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Clinical Governance Day 26/3: The Morning After The Week Before

All of the attendees at this CGD were treated to a brilliant post-smaccGOLD desert, with an incredible guest speaker, a statistical review of one of the most important publications of the year, a fierce SIMWARS battle, and answers to the … Continue reading

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