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Ketamine for TBI: Why not?

The 1970s were a dark time for ketamine use in patients with intracranial pathology. In patients with non-traumatic lesions, ketamine was suggested to increase intracranial pressure (ICP) using various markers as end-points to suggest this (see references below). Although this … Continue reading

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Paramedic RSI in Australia

A prospective, randomized, controlled trial compared paramedic rapid sequence intubation with hospital intubation in adults with severe traumatic brain injury in four cities in Victoria, Australia. The primary outcome was neurologic outcome at 6 months postinjury. Training Paramedics already experienced … Continue reading

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Burr holes by emergency physicians

Emergency physicians at Hennepin County Medical Centre (HCMC) are trained in skull trephination (drilling a burr hole) for patients with coma, anisocoria and epidural (extradural) haematoma (EDH) who have not responded to osmotic agents and hyperventilation. This may be particularly … Continue reading

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RCT of 7.5% saline in head injury

Over a thousand patients in North America with blunt traumatic head injury and coma who did not have hypovolaemic shock were randomised to different fluids pre-hospital. 250 ml Hypertonic (7.5%) saline was compared with normal (0.9%) saline and hypertonic saline … Continue reading

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No benefit from pre-hospital trauma doctor in Holland

Being human, I suffer from confirmation bias: I’ve become aware that I’m always on the look out for studies that show benefit from physician-provided pre-hospital care and therefore it’s possible I miss the ones that show no benefit. Of course, … Continue reading

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Unexpected survivors after pre-hospital intubation

Data on patients with moderate to severe traumatic brain injury from the San Diego Trauma Registry were analysed using modified TRISS methodology to determine predicted survival, from which an observed-predicted survival differential (OPSD) was calculated. The mean OPSD was calculated … Continue reading

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Guideline improved pre-hospital RSI in kids

French physicians provide pre-hospital critical care in medical teams of regional SAMU (service d’aide me ́dicale urgente). A national guideline was introduced in France to guide the management of traumatic brain injury (TBI), which included airway management. A study was conducted … Continue reading

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The myth of ketamine and head injury

A literature review addresses the myth that ketamine is contraindicated in head injured patients. They summarise articles from the 1970’s which identified an association between ketamine and increased ICP in patients with abnormal cerebrospinal fluid pathways (such as those caused … Continue reading

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Better TBI outcome with HEMS

A retrospective study from Italy compared outcomes of head injured patients cared for by a ground ambulance service (GROUND) with those managed by a HEMS team that included an experienced pre-hospital anaesthetist. Interestingly 73% of the ground group were also … Continue reading

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