Extreme Medicine: Everest ER

One of our own Sydney HEMS physicians is an extreme environment and mountain medicine expert – Dr Yashvi Wilamasena. Yash, as he is known to his mates, plans to reach the summit of Everest in the near future. In preparation for this he was there earlier this year. It was, of course, a fateful climbing season when an avalanche claimed the lives of 16 and severely injured 9. Whilst working in the Everest Basecamp ER, Yash, along with Sydney HEMS colleague Dr Jan Trojanowski recorded a series of videocasts that take us through the significant challenges of emergency medicine at 5,000 metres. Here’s the first:

Check out the inspiring Adventure Medic site for more sharp-end-of-the-sharp-end-of-medicine stuff, and where you’ll be able to view the remainder of the Extreme Medicine episodes as they’re published

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