Cognition and Decision Making Under Stress

MichaelLauriaDon’t train and prepare until you get it right. Train and prepare until you can’t get it wrong.”

Sydney HEMS is proud to be given permission to share Michael Lauria‘s talk on Cognition and Decision Making Under Stress. Training in medicine and working as a flight paramedic with the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Advanced Response Team, Michael has extensive military combat experience with special forces and is ideally placed to share thoughts and experience on how to prepare for and execute challenging missions.

His five take home points are:

  1. Take a load off
  2. Rally up
  3. Build power
  4. Inoculate for stress
  5. Stay flexible


You can download the audio file by right-clicking here


If you’d like to see the accompanying slides the talk can be viewed on YouTube

Audio made available thanks to our mate EMCrit

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