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Water Winch Sim Review & Learning Points (CGD 09/03/16)

The water winch rescue is unique among our mission taskings, in that it requires a non-standard approach to personal and cabin setup. The paramedics will go out in a wetsuit and additional gear (which takes time), and the doctor will … Continue reading

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Clinical Governance Day 9th March 2016

The next Clinical Governance Day will be on 9th March. This session is designed to be operationally focused and give you pearls and tools to use on your next shift. Thematically, we will be focusing on water-related topics. Clare Hayes-Bradley … Continue reading

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Winch rescue posted on YouTube

A grateful patient posted his experience of being rescued on YouTube:

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Winch Operations

This presentation was given at the Retrieval 2014 conference in Glasgow.

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Learning points from June 18th 2014

Here are some of the learning points from the Sydney HEMS Clinical Governance Day 18th June 2014: Clinical cases Some reminders cropped up that are worth revisiting: Rocuronium dosing for RSI: At least 1.2 mg/kg is recommended. Lower doses may … Continue reading

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