Clinical Governance Day 9th March 2016

CGD poster 9 MarThe next Clinical Governance Day will be on 9th March. This session is designed to be operationally focused and give you pearls and tools to use on your next shift. Thematically, we will be focusing on water-related topics.

Clare Hayes-Bradley will present details and learning points from the January Airway Registry. Cameron Edgar begins a new fascinating and insightful series of Operational Case Reviews which glean important lessons from our missions using aviation investigation methodologies. Then Soo Parkinson makes a triumphant return to CGD to share her expertise of dive and hyperbaric medicine. Following lunch, there will be two simultaneous sessions: 1) a water winch sim by Dave McQuade where the doctors and paramedics learn how to run these jobs more efficiently as a team; and 2) a case discussion by Preston Fedor of a recent coastal stretcher winch as well as pearls of drowning management.

A BBQ lunch will be held in the hangar (bring a few dollars for your meal). Afterwards, we intend for the group to stay in the hangar for the subsequent educational sessions.

Below are some excellent succinct blog posts related to dive medicine and drowning.

All NSW Health staff are welcome to attend, a sign in is required. See here for directions.

We look forward to seeing everyone there.

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