AC Joint Injuries

  • a non-evidenced based strapping technique which anecdotally controls pain and keeps patients mobile eg to walk out from a scene
  • the aim is to provide a lifting mechanism to support the weight of the arm which is hanging below the distal end of the clavicle (and causing pain) due to rupture of the corococlavicular ligament complex

Corococlavicular ligament complex



Strapping technique

  1. 2.5cm brown tape + 7.5cm white elastoplast
  2. make a large X directly over the AC joint
  3. apply 3 x long lengths of the white tape in a figure of 8, staring over the anterior chest, wrapping behind the shoulder, under the elbow and over the anterior deltoid. over-lay each layer by 30% for added strength
  4. reinforce the ends of the anteior + posterior chest straps with fastening brown tape
  5. wrap around the mid-humerus with white +/- brown tape to secure the tension to the shaft of the arm
  6. remove the restricting band from under the elbow by cutting below the securing layer you applied in step 5

AC Joint Strapping

Shoulder Dislocations

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