CGD returns!

25th-jan-cgd-flyerOur Clinical Governance Day returns on 25/1/16. We have the Christmas period to catch up on so there will be oodles of M+M with lashings of Airway Registry with plenty of opportunity to explore the recent challenges our caseload has presented. We will top that off with a Learning From Excellence segment and a review of winch cases.

Please note that GSA HEMS is now based at Toll NSW Ambulance Helicopter Rescue Base which is on the far side of Bankstown Airport at 33, Nancy Ellis Leebold Drive.

All NSW health staff are welcome to attend (a sign-in is required on the day).


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Clinical Governance Day 14/12/16

Next week sees a Christmas Quiz filled with a little medicine and padded with questionably useful trivia. No prizes have been decided upon yet but the loser will be volunteered for an interstate bariatric ballon pump transfer over the festive period.

We shall follow that with a refresher of the STORM course run by Chris Partyka and Jimmy Bliss. Sonography in Trauma Orientated to Retrieval Medicine has been accredited by ASUM and is an invaluable introduction to the use of point of care ultrasound both in the field and in hospital based acute critical care scenarios. It is also rumoured to have come second to the USA PATRIOT act in an awesomely shoehorned acronym (ASA) competition.

Finally, we will have a review of the airway registry for November by Clare Hayes-Bradley.

A BBQ lunch will be available in the hangar.

All NSW health staff are welcome to attend (a sign-in is required on the day). You can find directions at

Looking forward to seeing you there!16th-nov-cgd-flyer



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ECMO Spectacular: CGD 30th November

It’s the big one – ECMO jobs represent a small proportion of the work we do but a significant clinical and logistical challenge. It’s time to rise to that challenge with an ECMO themed CGD on 30th November!

At next CGD the team from RPA will be joining us to cover all things ECMO, from cannulation and basics (maybe a little physiology), troubleshooting and transfers, simulation and even ECMO CPR!

Our own Nat Kruit is going to throw some ECMO cases into the mix to ensure we can face future ECMO cases with increased confidence and competence.

With Sarah Coombes kicking off the day with our monthly M&M review and a BBQ lunch (TBC) in the hangar, you don’t want to miss this one.

All NSW health staff are welcome to attend (a sign-in is required on the day). You can find directions here.

Looking forward to seeing you there!



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C2T2C2 Study  


November 8th will see the commencement of the C2T2C2 study. The aim of this study is to determine the utility of transcutaneous capnometry measurement of arterial carbon dioxide in transported adult patients.

Control of pCO2 is essential in the management of patients at risk of secondary brain injury. At present, end-tidal CO2 (ETCO2) is the only means of determining a patient’s CO2 during the transfer period. ETCO2 can vary significantly in patients with lung pathology and only gives a general indication and trend of the patient’s arterial pCO2.

Transcutaneous CO2 (TcCO2) on the other hand, has been used for many decades for monitoring neonatal ventilation.

Recent technological advances have seen the development of TcCO2 devices which are smaller, more portable and potentially more reliable enabling their potential use in transported adult patients but are yet to be tested in this environment.

All intubated and ventilated interhospital patients with an arterial line insitu are eligible for the study.

Arterial blood gas analysis at the referring and receiving hospitals will be used as the gold standard.

Non-traumatic cardiac arrest patients and those aged < 18 years are excluded.

Further information can be found on the introductory video and attached study posters (see link below). These are also available in the computer room.

Many thanks for your help.

Fraser Magee- Retrieval Registrar, NSW Ambulance Aeromedical Service


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Clinical Governance Day 16th November

Fantastic learning opportunities ahead!

Next week we’ll be exploring not one but TWO interactive cases as Geoff Healy takes us through a tricky clinical case, while Alan Laverty & Aircrewman James Koens talk logistics in the context of a recent job they were involved in.

With the monthly airway registry, new balloon pump training, awesome simulation and a tasty hangar BBQ lunch on the cards too, it’s definitely one you don’t want to miss!

All NSW health staff are welcome to attend (a sign-in is required on the day). You can find directions here.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Here’s the handout for the Staff Specialist/Senior Registrars Education Session

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Clinical Governance Day 2 November 2016

After the success of the Airway Extravaganza (thanks to all involved and especially to Clare Hayes-Bradley!) it’s time to settle down and return to the time-honoured basics of governance in the form of Morbidity and Mortality.

Geoff Healy shall be refreshing us on the finer points of ventilation (it’s not just 500/12/5 apparently so all ED physicians should probably attend). This talk should not be confused with Geoff venting which is a different talk entirely.

Jennifer Beudeker will be joining us to demonstrate the Optiflow high flow nasal oxygen system which we are encountering more frequently in our inter hospital transfer work.

Finally Sam Immens will be tearing himself away from Mount Doom where he is working on the one checklist to rule them all and sharing some logistics from a case of a disappearing motorbiker. How’s that for a Scooby-Doo ending?

A BBQ lunch will be available.

All NSW Health staff are welcome to attend, a sign in is required. See here for directions:

See you there!




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Clinical Governance Day 19th October


Next Wednesday our Clinical Governance Day will feature an airway extravaganza! It’s time to hone those airway skills from RSI currency to paediatric surgical airway, CMAC to Ambu A Scope and King Vision.

The day kicks off with a review of our current practices with a look through the service’s airway registry, before we break into small groups to work on specific skills under the keen eye of Clare Hayes-Bradley who deserves a special mention for her hard work in putting all this together – thank you Clare!

We’ll be joined by the trainers from Storz who are bringing some CMAC kit to aid our familiarity with the scopes available in many NSW Emergency Departments and we’ll be welcoming the team from Zoll who are coming to help us make sure we are getting the most from our monitoring.

As ever there’ll be a BBQ lunch down in the hangar so come armed with a few dollars. You might also want to have a look at some of these in advance 🙂

Emergency Anaesthesia (RSI) currency

Prehospital Emergency Anaesthesia HOP

Advanced Airway Quick Guide

Advanced Airway HOP

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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