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Airway Registry Pointers and Reminders

Once a month, the structured reviews of all of our intubation attempts are presented at a Clinical Governance Day. Common themes and specific finer points are brought forward in an effort to improve our performance as a group. Below are … Continue reading

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Literature Review: Are we intubating burn patients inappropriately?

Review at CGD and summary by Dr. Alan Laverty Romanowski KS, Palmieri TL, Sen S, Greenhalgh DG. More Than One Third of Intubations in Patients Transferred to Burn Centers are Unnecessary Journal of Burn Care & Research. 2015 Aug 17 … Continue reading

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Clinical Governance Day 23 March 2016

We look forward to your attendance and participation at the next Clinical Governance Day, beginning at 0800 on Wednesday 23rd March 2016. There is an assortment of educational goodness on the agenda. Cameron Edgar starts us off with one of … Continue reading

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Drowning Case Review Learning Points (CGD 09/03/16)

Drowning is an all too common cause of morbidity and death, particularly in a region as rich in water activities as New South Wales. Providers of prehospital critical care should seek to master drowning management, as it is one of … Continue reading

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Water Winch Sim Review & Learning Points (CGD 09/03/16)

The water winch rescue is unique among our mission taskings, in that it requires a non-standard approach to personal and cabin setup. The paramedics will go out in a wetsuit and additional gear (which takes time), and the doctor will … Continue reading

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Clinical Governance Day 9th March 2016

The next Clinical Governance Day will be on 9th March. This session is designed to be operationally focused and give you pearls and tools to use on your next shift. Thematically, we will be focusing on water-related topics. Clare Hayes-Bradley … Continue reading

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