Vascular & Osseous Access in Resuscitation

Cliff Reid and Geoff Healy discuss challenges in prehospital intraosseous and intravenous access, covering how to avoid pitfalls and what their own individual practice preferences are in the prehospital and in-hospital settings (22 mins).

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One Response to Vascular & Osseous Access in Resuscitation

  1. HawkmoonHEMS says:

    Nice post gentlemen teasing out vascular access. What we need is a Swan introducer sheath or the like. Issue is the packaging is very large and difficult to fit into kit-bag. Place it ipsilateral to blunt chest trauma side, contra-lateral to penetrating chest trauma side. In small kids- look for the ‘blue dot’ external jugular- 18Ga line. Trick for securing line in sweaty shocked patient: rub some betadine on the skin near line, dries fast and becomes sticky to allow securing dressing to stick.

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