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PRVC isn’t a communist country in South East Asia…

With the arrival of the flash new Oxylog 3000+ there’s been quite a bit of discussion around the base recently about modes ventilation.  There still seems to be quite a bit of confusion about Autoflow.  In my humble opinion, mechanical … Continue reading

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Our HEMS colleagues across the ditch in Auckland, NZ have started a website that looks like it will be a great source of information on prehospital care ad medical education.  The Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust (AHRT) is the latest addition … Continue reading

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Spinal Dogma Part 3

My last rant for a while.  The patient from scenario 2 is now in the resuscitation room of a trauma center.  He was intubated successfully by the retrieval physician after in line stabilization was removed, changing a grade 4 view … Continue reading

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Trauma Resuscitation – An Update for 2012

This is a video of a talk I gave to the docs and paramedics at the Sydney HEMS Clinical Governance Day recently.  It’s based around a couple of recent review articles unearthed by the ever searching, apparently never sleeping, Cliff … Continue reading

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Spinal Dogma Part 2

Here’s the second part of my attempt to deconstruct the dogma and search for the evidence supporting out current management of suspected spinal cord injuries n prehospital care. Scenario 2: An aeromedical retrieval team attends a high speed road traffic … Continue reading

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Spinal Dogma Part 1

Emergency care is rife with dogma, and perhaps none is more pervasive than the desire, almost to the exclusion of everything else, to prevent further injury to the spinal cord in a trauma patient who may have a spinal cord … Continue reading

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