Hanging tough ... New Kids on the Block.

Our HEMS colleagues across the ditch in Auckland, NZ have started a website that looks like it will be a great source of information on prehospital care ad medical education.  The Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust (AHRT) is the latest addition to the Australasian HEMS family, with a 2 year feasibility study of adding full HEMS capability with medical crewing using a joint physician/intensive care paramedic (ICP) to their existing ICP only platform.  It will be interesting to see what they show, as ICPs in NZ are already very highly trained with quite liberal protocols including ketamine and RSI without direct medical oversight.


Of note, AHRT were the first civilian surf rescue helicopter service in theHiller_UH-12_(H-23)_bw world and carried out the first recorded surf rescue by helicopter in 1970 using a Hiller 12E. They’ve moved on a bit and currently operate 2 BK-117s but rumour has it they’re soon to move to the shiny new AW-169.  Who knows, maybe we’ll see them at smacc…?  Check out their site at http://aucklandhems.com


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  1. Scott Orman says:

    Thanks for the publicity! We are fortunate enough to work with a group of highly skilled and dedicated paramedics both in our hospitals and the helicopter. None of the full-time helicopter paramedics are currently RSI-qualified however, so this has been (arguably) the most significant skill that doctors have added to the helicopter team. We will be at SMACC – see you there!

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