Clinical Governance Day 9th April 2014

Our next CGD will focus on neurotrauma. Facilitators Ed Burns and Phil Webster have flipped the classroom. See below for your pre-CGD preparation.

CGD Flyer (3)

Here are the FOAM reading references for everyone….

1. Read this overview of management of traumatic brain injury by Emergency Physician / Intensivist Chris Nickson from LITFL (10 mins)

2. Download this podcast on “Fine Tuning The Injured Brain” by Bart Besinger and listen to it in your car on the way to work (25 mins). Right click the link as ‘save link as’.

3. “Burr Holes in the Bush” — another great podcast/ videocast. Tim Leeuwenburg (Kangaroo Island doctor) interviews Mark Wilson (Neurosurgeon + London HEMS doctor) about performing burr holes in the rural and remote setting (15 mins)

4. A short (3 min) video demonstrating an OT Burr hole x 2 for SDH.

5. Two short papers on how to perform a burr hole: The Occasional Burr Hole by Keith MacLellan and Emergency burr holes: “How to do it” by Mark Wilson

6. Some light relief – check out this highly educational video by UK comedians Mitchell and Webb

7. Our Neuroprotection Operating Procedure

Anyone who is still hungry for more knowledge may want to read the Neurosurgical Society Guidelines on Management of Acute Neurotrauma in Rural and Remote locations.

The paper presented by Matt Miller is ‘The relationship between head injury severity and hemodynamic response to tracheal intubation‘ by Zane Perkins et al, J Trauma Acute Care Surg. 2013 Apr;74(4):1074-80

All NSW Health staff welcome. Sign in required. See here for directions.


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