HETI PHRM Education Session

Understanding the prehospital and retrieval system is core knowledge for all Emergency Registrars, whether you undertake a special skills post during your training or not.

We are collaborating with HETI to provide PHRM education for Emergency and Critical Care registrars of all grades.

This year’s topics are – “Life, Limb, Sight saving Procedures” with Fergal McCourt – how do you make the decision, and what do you do! “Paramedic Profiles” – Learn about what paramedics do before they arrive in the Emergency Department with Critical Care Paramedic Katie Stucken. “Transfer Teams” – thinking about transferring patients across the state or across the hospital, and how those teams prepare and work together with Clare Richmond. Nathan Trist, one of our senior registrars will lead “Coffee and Cases” our case based deep dive into PHRM with the team. You will also have a chance to talk to the ACEM staff about the diploma of PHRM and get tips on how to work in PHRM in the future.

We are offering this as an online event, and will aim to post some of the talks following the event. Sign up on the link on the flyer!

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