Clinical Governance Day – 29th November

The Physician Response Unit – An overview. Bill Leaning, Critical Care Paramedic, London Ambulance Service and London HEMS

We were privileged to hear from Bill Leaning via Skype, who spoke about the Physician Response Unit in London. Established nearly 20 years ago, it represents a productive collaboration between London’s Air Ambulance, Bart’s NHS trust and the London Ambulance Service. It’s vision of bringing the emergency department to patient’s homes is achieved by having senior emergency department doctors and paramedics travel by car to patients in the community. Community initiated treatment helps prevent unnecessary ED presentations and ambulance transfers. As well as the obvious benefit to the patient, the collegial relationship between the two clinicians gives each a valuable insight into the others role and skill set. The service has recently been remodeled to allow it to deliver community emergency care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The Anatomy of a Difficult Case. Dr James Moran – Retrieval Registrar, Sydney HEMS

Jamie discussed the value of reflecting on difficult cases and bravely used one of his own recent cases to illustrate the point. Indeed, the Australian Medical Council’s Code of Conduct recommends that “Maintaining and developing knowledge, skills and professional behavior……. requires self-reflection”. Although there is little guidance available on how to actually do this, there is no doubt that the ability to critically reflect on one’s performance and ask hard questions of yourself will inform your future practice for the better. Suggestions include keeping a reflective logbook, and formal peer review.

An update from the Institute of Trauma and Injury Management. Michael Dinh – NSW ITIM

The NSW Institute of Trauma and Injury Management (ITIM), an institute within the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI), is the body responsible for overseeing, coordinating and supporting the NSW trauma system. Clincial director, Dr Michael Dinh, spoke about the role of ITIM in influencing access, care, outcomes, education, research and quality of trauma care in the NSW region.


Don’t forget there will be no Clinical Governance Day on the 27th December. The next meeting on the 13th December will be a combined Education Day and Clincial Governance Day. See you then.

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