Clinical Governance Day 27th January 2016

CGD 27 Jan

The next Sydney HEMS Clinical Governance Day is scheduled for next Wednesday, January 27th at Bankstown.

This CGD has been jam-packed by Soo Parkinson !! We have our regular segments of Airway Audit and Morbidity & Mortality plus some “extreme presentations”  by Rob Conway & Soo Parkinson who will discuss their unique experiences with polar expedition & hyperbaric medicine


The CGD will be bought to a close with a discussion regarding the introduction of our Emergency Action Checklists, so feel to bring your suggestions on the day.

All NSW Health staff are welcome, sign-in required. See here for directions.


Finally, they say that all good things come to an end. This CGD is the last for our current group of registrars who leave us for greener pastures (at lower altitudes). It marks the end of a brilliant & exciting year for some, whilst signalling the time for the induction & training of our new colleagues.

This also draws to an end my time as CGD organiser. Thank you to everyone who has helped me put these sessions together over the past 6 months & a huge thanks to those of you who attended and participated with great enthusiasm during this time. My trusty colleagues David McQuade and Preston Fedor will take the reins from here & I have no doubt they’ll do a spectacular job.

Looking forward to seeing you there on Wednesday.

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