CGD summary 24/09/14

A very useful CGD with a focus on obstetric emergencies and neonatal resuscitation.

Started off with a comprehensive (and brave) talk by our medical student, Amy, on the physiological changes of pregnancy. A good run through of this can be found here.

We then had a talk from our resident NICU expert Rachel on neonatal resus – the Australian Resucitation Council flowchart can be found here.

Neil Greensmith then took us through some real life Sydney HEMS obstetric cases followed by Rachel (again!) taking us through trauma in the pregnant woman. Here’s a summary from

Finally, after lunch we had a couple of fun obs themed simulations, the first on neonatal resus with a PPH in a remote setting, dealt with superbly by Jamie & Cameron. The video shows how they reprioritised from neonatal resuscitation when they realised how sick the mother was..

This was followed by Mike Culshaw dealing with consummate calm with an eclamptic fit. Our sim expert Morgan has kindly written some valuable learning points on these two scenarios, which can be found here.

Thanks to everyone involved in a successful day.

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