Paediatric Reference Cards available to download

paedscard1 paedscard2

Below is a link to a simple pdf of our standardised paeds reference cards as carried in all of our emergency medical packs.

GSA-HEMS Paediatric Emergency Reference Cards

NB. The tracheal tube internal diameters (“ETT size”) are based on the fact that we only use cuffed tubes and we do not carry half-sizes in our prehospital packs, so our options are limited to 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0

These are also available along with the many other resources under our handily titled ‘Resources’ menu.

The drugs and doses given take a clinician rapidly through what’s required for RSI, analgesia, resuscitation, haemorrhage control and beyond for paediatric patients of a useful range of weights/ages so as to minimise absolutely the time from decision to treatment in the critical care environment.

(Note: updated to the March 2015 version 4)

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3 Responses to Paediatric Reference Cards available to download

  1. Scott Gallagher, MD FACEP says:

    Only able to open cover page.

    • nswhems says:

      Sorry for the difficulty – we will post an alternative version that will be more readily viewable

    • lukeregan1 says:

      Hi Scott,

      All good hopefully. Simple pdf file should now be available following the link. Hope this improves the access block!


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