30 Second Drills for Intubation

Thirty second drills have 6 steps that can be used to optimise your view. This may be enough to successfully ensure first pass success during intubation.

The 6 steps:

  • Release cricoid and use ELM
  • Optimise operator position
  • Optimise patient position
  • Use suction
  • Insert deeply and withdraw until recognisable structures are seen
  • Change laryngoscope blade/handle/type… video laryngoscopes have been very useful in this regard!

If done efficiently, these steps can be performed within a 30 second time frame. Of course this does not negate the need to maintain situational awareness and one most always prioritise be aware of patient oxygenation and hemodynamics during intubation.

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2 Responses to 30 Second Drills for Intubation

  1. Paul Hui says:

    Great concise message and video. Your team should do more education materials like this on trauma care, retrieval check list etc

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