Clinical Governance Day 14/12/16

Next week sees a Christmas Quiz filled with a little medicine and padded with questionably useful trivia. No prizes have been decided upon yet but the loser will be volunteered for an interstate bariatric ballon pump transfer over the festive period.

We shall follow that with a refresher of the STORM course run by Chris Partyka and Jimmy Bliss. Sonography in Trauma Orientated to Retrieval Medicine has been accredited by ASUM and is an invaluable introduction to the use of point of care ultrasound both in the field and in hospital based acute critical care scenarios. It is also rumoured to have come second to the USA PATRIOT act in an awesomely shoehorned acronym (ASA) competition.

Finally, we will have a review of the airway registry for November by Clare Hayes-Bradley.

A BBQ lunch will be available in the hangar.

All NSW health staff are welcome to attend (a sign-in is required on the day). You can find directions at

Looking forward to seeing you there!16th-nov-cgd-flyer



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