Clinical Governance Day 19th October


Next Wednesday our Clinical Governance Day will feature an airway extravaganza! It’s time to hone those airway skills from RSI currency to paediatric surgical airway, CMAC to Ambu A Scope and King Vision.

The day kicks off with a review of our current practices with a look through the service’s airway registry, before we break into small groups to work on specific skills under the keen eye of Clare Hayes-Bradley who deserves a special mention for her hard work in putting all this together – thank you Clare!

We’ll be joined by the trainers from Storz who are bringing some CMAC kit to aid our familiarity with the scopes available in many NSW Emergency Departments and we’ll be welcoming the team from Zoll who are coming to help us make sure we are getting the most from our monitoring.

As ever there’ll be a BBQ lunch down in the hangar so come armed with a few dollars. You might also want to have a look at some of these in advance 🙂

Emergency Anaesthesia (RSI) currency

Prehospital Emergency Anaesthesia HOP

Advanced Airway Quick Guide

Advanced Airway HOP

Looking forward to seeing you there.

About Natalie May

EM and PEM-trained UK doctor working in Prehospital & Retrieval Medicine in Australia. Evolving medical education interest, running enthusiast, karaoke queen. Here for the #FOAMed.
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