Clinical Governance Day 22nd April 2015


At our next Clinical Governance Day we’re fortunate to be joined by Dr Kate Sellors, Emergency Specialist at Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney. Kate has a particular interest in toxicology and has previously worked with Sydney HEMS so will be in an ideal position to teach toxicology which is relevant to the pre-hospital and retrieval environment.

Over the course of the day, we’ll be looking at organophosphate poisoning, managing ACE-inhibitor/Calcium channel blocker/beta-blocker overdose and dealing with envenomation.
Prior to the CGD, it would be worth reading a couple of the attached articles so we’re all up to speed with the management of envenomation and overdoses.

Have a read through Life in the Fast Lane’s entry on Brown Snake Envenomation. It would also be worth revising how to apply a pressure immobilisation bandage. Take a look at the ARC guidelines, or watch this short video demonstrating the technique.

Organophosphate poisoning
Take a look at Andrew Dawson’s presentation from SMACC, as well as his excellent WikiTox page on managing organophosphate poisoning

Calcium channel blocker,ACE-inhibitor and B-blocker overdose
Test your knowledge of CCB overdose and High Dose Euglycaemic Therapy (HIET) with this tricky case of verapamil overdose

See here for directions

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