The STARs are out and shining brightly!

Our registrars are now regularly rostered to be the on base STAR!

The new STAR shift combines responsibilities for Simulation, Training and Research and runs every weekday at the Bankstown base. The program for the shift is outlined below.

The first few shifts have gone great with real enthusiasm and originality going into the design and setup of the sims.


A celebration and inauguration of the shift was held at our recent CGD with a SIMWARS extravaganza taking place to get everyone in the mood for fake blood and mannequins…


07.30 – check/tidy training room, design/equip/set up simulation session

08.00 – attend morning brief to ascertain any static winch requirements and inform team of the day’s scenario

09.00-10.00 – help with statics, ensure water rescue considered and clinical aspects of intubated stretcher winch covered

11.00-12.00 – simulation training

12.00 – coffee and cases – document

12.45 – lunch

13.30 – 15.30 Summarise coffee and cases learning points for service wide dissemination 

                       Help with RSI / advanced airway currencies

                       Other portfolio/academic work, study, personal research

                       Ensure research studies being followed through with most recent

                        patients (eg. PULPIT, OSCARII, etc)

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