Buena Vista Emergicana Club – DevelopingEM Conference 2013


We are excited to hear and happy to share that the DevelopingEM2013DEVEMSYMBOL conference is taking place this year in Havana Cuba!  – http://www.developingem.com/

DevelopingEM is a not for profit conference organising agency specialising in providing a practical clinical approach to the delivery of emergency medicine education to senior emergency clinicians. Last year’s Sydney conference set the tone for presentations of best practice emergency medicine presented by people we all want to hear more from…and we’re not just saying this because six of our own Sydney HEMS docs will be presenting this year but yes it helps.

The program runs 2013 September 16-20th with some topics we find academically tantalising such as “A sceptics guide to the medical literature”, “Bad Chemistry. Managing of endocrine and electrolyte catastrophe”, “ED interpretation of Advanced Imaging” and in a follow up to the highly popular session of the same name in 2012 “ED – ICU. Continuing to bridge the gap”.

The evening social calendar looks as appealing but with a higher daiquiri to delegate ratio. We feel that so long as latin dancing styles and latin anatomical classifications share enough terminology then bright-eyed well read medics like yourselves should be right at home!


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