SMACC comedown…….solution,need more SMACC!

Well it’s all done and dusted and the academic hangover is a heavy one. However, with the highly digitised platform of proceedings it’s no surprise that for most the dream lives on in the twittersphere and various FOAMed connections that have been forged or strengthened as a result of the highly successful SMACC conference held in Sydney’s Darling Harbour, now concluded. Here are some of the Sydney HEMS docs thoughts on how the meeting of critical care avatars from around the world went:

“Engaging and dynamic speakers.”

“John Myburgh’s talk on inotropes was a vindication for my practice of picking either adrenaline or noradrenaline and using enough of it.”

“Critical care controversies discussed with an interactive platform.”

“Inspiring teaching on human factors, teaching and learning – how to be a better resuscitationist and lifelong learner.”

“A few speakers mentioned the practice of using inotropes in the setting of acute spinal cord injuries to keep the MAP above 80mmHg for up to one week post injury. I’m not sure the evidence is great for this, but it has prompted me to dig further.”

 “SMACC was unquestionably the best critical care conference ever. Amazing speakers and great buzz.”

 “I was interested to hear about the increasing early use of inotropes in sepsis, after two or three litres of fluid rather than six. This will change my practice.”

 “Great contribution from the service with 4 speakers including Cliff giving 2 inspiring talks.”

 “My 3 favourites were John Myburgh’s talk on inotropes, Chris Nickson with All Doctors are Jackasses on meta-cognition and Mr Emcrit with a talk on the Road to Mastery.”

“The conference with the most hugs I’ve ever experienced.”

How can this many happy physicians be wrong?? (NB – please note all negative commentary excluded as per standard blog policy)

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