Policies and Procedures

Helicopter Operating Procedures (HOPs) – Clinical

C-01 Defibrillation_December 2012

C-02 Ver 2_Prehospital Rapid Sequence Induction

C-03 Hypertonic Solution_December 2012

C-04 Ultrasound_December 2012

C-05 ECMO Retrieval

C-06 Traumatic Cardiac Arrest Version 2

C-07 Pelvic Trauma Version 2

C-08 Major Burns

C-09 Blunt Thoracic Trauma

C-10 Pronouncing Life Extinct

C-11 Blood Management (v2)

C-12 Difficult Oxygenation

C-13 Pre-hospital Traumatic Brain Injury

C-14 Neuroprotection

C-15 Post Cardiac Arrest Syndrome

C-16-Pre-Hospital Scene Safety

C19 – Traumatic Haemorrhage Control

CLI20 – Controlled Drugs

Cli.17 – Major Incidents

Appendix Cli. 17: guide to using WHISPIR

Supporting Documents

RSI Manual

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