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Winch Operations

This presentation was given at the Retrieval 2014 conference in Glasgow.

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Simulation Video

Several of our paramedics, registrars, and consultants will be attending the SmaccGOLD conference this month. Here’s the video we submitted to allow us to compete in the Sim Wars competition.

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Sydney HEMS retrieval specialist and intensivist (and emergency physician, by the way) Dr Craig Hore covered a workshop on escharotomy for severe burns at the Bedside Critical Care Conference in 2013 EXPLAINED: Emergency Escharotomy from Oliver Flower on Vimeo.

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Second Tier Arrest Response Trial

Dr Karel Habig discusses cardiac arrest and introduces the START Project – Second Tier Arrest Response Trial, commenced in February 2014. This video is from a presentation at Aus-ROC 2013 Mechanical Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Seminar

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2013 GSA HEMS Videos

We get captured a lot on video which gets posted on YouTube. Here’s a compilation from 2013:

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