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The myth of ketamine and head injury

A literature review addresses the myth that ketamine is contraindicated in head injured patients. They summarise articles from the 1970’s which identified an association between ketamine and increased ICP in patients with abnormal cerebrospinal fluid pathways (such as those caused … Continue reading

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Optimum depth of neonatal chest compressions

A retrospective study of infant chest CT scans using mathematical modelling and a number of assumptions suggests that neonatal CPR according to AAP/AHA guidelines of compressing to one third anteroposterior chest wall diameter should provide a superior ejection fraction to … Continue reading

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Hospital bypass for cardiac arrest?

A Japanese study of over 10,000 patients demonstrated improved neurological outcome in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients who were taken to hospitals designated as ‘critical care medical centres’, where neurologically favorable 1-month survival was greater [6.7% versus 2.8%, P < 0.001] … Continue reading

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Distance to hospital did not affect arrest survival

In a study of over 7500 patients with cardiac arrest transported by EMS in the United States, transport distance was not associated with survival on logistic analysis (OR 1.00; 95% CI 0.99–1.01). A geospatial assessment of transport distance and survival … Continue reading

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