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Current Controversy in RSI

A review article in Anesthesia and Analgesia provides a summary of the literature surrounding RSI controversies. Should a pre-determined dose of induction drug be given or should it be titrated to effect prior to giving suxamethonium? Should fast acting opioids … Continue reading

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Kids need 'proper' CPR if non-cardiac cause of arrest

The American Heart Association recommends cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) by bystanders with chest compression only for adults who have cardiac arrests, but not for children. These recommendations have new support in a large observational study from Japan examining outcomes in 5170 … Continue reading

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2000 vs 2005 VF guidelines: RCT

One of the key changes in international resuscitation guidelines between the 2000 and 2005 has been to minimise potentially deleterious hands-off time, so that CPR is interrupted less for pulse checks and DC shocks. These two approaches have been compared … Continue reading

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Battlefield resuscitation

An excellent review of the current British military practice to prevent and treat the acute coagulopathy of trauma shock (ACoTS) describes pathophysiology and treatment options and offers an algorithm for management. Key components of the system (when indicated according to … Continue reading

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Sorting ABCD issues pre-hospital

Prospectively collected data on 727 major trauma patients from a Portugese trauma centre registry enabled the comparison of mortality between three groups of patients with a priori defined life threatening ‘ABCD’ problems: those whose ABCD issues were treated in the … Continue reading

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